Tum Tum. (2012)

Creation place and date:
“Ars Musica” Festival, “Palais des Princes-Évêques, Liège, Belgium.”
March the 3rd, 2012.

Performers: Gerrit Nulens’ Percussion Course students
Running time: ca. 7:30′
Instrumentation: Bass drum and electro-acoustic sounds.
4-channel diffusion system

“Tum Tum” was inspired by Juan Rulfo’s short story “Macario,”, the account of a developmentally disabled man with an unusual vision of the world around him. Though insensitive to moral values and judgments, he is highly intuitive and quick-learning. Fear, amazement, violence, and the many different sounds enveloping him guide him through life. In face of uncertainty, Macario focuses on the beats of an imaginary drum that he tries to follow by beating his head—the “tum tum.” The prepared bass drum combined with the electro-acoustic sounds provide a wide range of sound qualities, from the most fragile and intimate, to the deeper and powerful. The bass drum becomes an evocation, as Macario’s imaginary drum.

Tum tum
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